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Coo-ee's Cartoon Connection

Mrs Morgan has created a series of cartoons with our school's mascot, Coo-ee.

Each cartoon has an important message for us all to learn.

Being a determined learner  https://youtu.be/GyBJzkB5k8s

I miss my friends https://youtu.be/xe-QpIbNkkU

Sharing https://youtu.be/8XJ2LAHbPws

Be kind https://youtu.be/DfBUaB2l6A8

Do something enjoyable https://youtu.be/ZtgQbUbRCXU

You are amazing https://youtu.be/FVNP6gMau8Y

Missing your teams https://youtu.be/yQpJpTNnZjU

Staying safe  https://youtu.be/Pji5lCHT1LM

Happy Easter from Coo-ee https://youtu.be/tcBJLHSKF6s

Welcome back to Term 2 from Coo-ee- https://youtu.be/KMLqCGEO678

Create opportunities - https://youtu.be/5oqRb_ENDQc

Be motivated - https://youtu.be/BaRr_hdfklA

How to draw Coo-ee - https://youtu.be/FsWSm-fjTrE

Keep going - https://youtu.be/T7t2sa1uepA

Don't be afraid to try new things - https://youtu.be/FhzGT6ODm7A

Keep going strong - https://youtu.be/zhTSTRVHDQk

Create a happy place - https://youtu.be/looPWnVXypU

Let's feel positive - https://youtu.be/HoQUHS3VrMs

Stay safe - https://youtu.be/W5h58oc6R3I

Look out for others - https://youtu.be/OPW8Q06scLM

Good manners matter - https://youtu.be/jQYSFFXYbIY

Say something nice -https://youtu.be/c-a8kVfUY8I

School is back on Monday! https://youtu.be/d98R--uDx2A