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Coo-ee's Cartoon Connection

In 2020 Mrs Morgan created a series of cartoons with our school's mascot, Coo-ee.

Each cartoon has an important message for us all to learn.

Being a determined learner  https://youtu.be/GyBJzkB5k8s

I miss my friends https://youtu.be/xe-QpIbNkkU

Sharing https://youtu.be/8XJ2LAHbPws

Be kind https://youtu.be/DfBUaB2l6A8

Do something enjoyable https://youtu.be/ZtgQbUbRCXU

You are amazing https://youtu.be/FVNP6gMau8Y

Missing your teams https://youtu.be/yQpJpTNnZjU

Staying safe  https://youtu.be/Pji5lCHT1LM

Happy Easter from Coo-ee https://youtu.be/tcBJLHSKF6s

Welcome back to Term 2 from Coo-ee- https://youtu.be/KMLqCGEO678

Create opportunities - https://youtu.be/5oqRb_ENDQc

Be motivated - https://youtu.be/BaRr_hdfklA

How to draw Coo-ee - https://youtu.be/FsWSm-fjTrE

Keep going - https://youtu.be/T7t2sa1uepA

Don't be afraid to try new things - https://youtu.be/FhzGT6ODm7A

Keep going strong - https://youtu.be/zhTSTRVHDQk

Create a happy place - https://youtu.be/looPWnVXypU

Let's feel positive - https://youtu.be/HoQUHS3VrMs

Stay safe - https://youtu.be/W5h58oc6R3I

Look out for others - https://youtu.be/OPW8Q06scLM

Good manners matter - https://youtu.be/jQYSFFXYbIY

Say something nice -https://youtu.be/c-a8kVfUY8I

School is back on Monday! https://youtu.be/d98R--uDx2A

Welcome back

A little progress each day goes a long way

A positive mindset

What we do everyday determines our future

Keep going strong with online learning

You are strong you are resilient

Let's prepare for getting back to school

What are you looking forward to

We are looking forward to seeing you